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“Jarrett takes us on a research-driven journey through intriguing topics ... the writing is consistently lively. In effect Jarrett has given us a book of psychological nuggets ... It is accurate, up-to-date and easy to read ... For a rough guide, this book is smooth.” Prof Robert Epstein, Scientific American Mind.

“... disarmingly appealing to the deep desire to know ourselves ... [It] presents psychology today ‘in a nutshell’, and it is almost frighteningly up-to-date ... It invites travellers to consider these discoveries not only with due wonder but also healthy scepticism. ... If I was convinced a young person should take up psychology, I would simply recommend this book. The rest would follow.” Prof Uta Frith, The Psychologist magazine.

Wonderful breadth, impressive depth and fun throughout – the next time someone asks me for an introduction to Psychology I’ll give them this book.” Dr Tom Stafford, Mind Hacks.

“Dr Jarrett delves inside our grey matter to explain what makes us who we are. He talks crime, sport, and politics and investigates depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.” Times Eureka Magazine.

This wonderful treatise on the subject lifts the lid on all of the taboos and explains the science of psychology in a language anyone can understand, and even includes practical tests to enable you to examine your own mind and brain. Superb.” Books monthly.

“Starting from an individual perspective, journalist Christian Jarrett explores the mind and the brain, touching on memory, intelligence and personality. He goes on to analyse our relationships with others, including how we choose our friends and partners. He covers the psychological basis of crime, learning, sport, politics and shopping, as well as conditions of impaired mental health such as depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.” Nature.

A ‘readable romp’ ... vivid accounts of experiments and findings … presented simply and with humour.” Human Givens magazine.

“The Rough Guide To Psychology explores the complex relationship between the brain and our physical and emotional wellbeing” Daily Express.

Book of the month on, April 2011.

Amazon reviews

“Jarrett has perhaps produced the best introduction to the subject I have seen during my many years of either studying or teaching psychology.Marc Smith.

“I enjoyed this book immensely. Dr Jarrett has managed to condense an enormous amount of information into an engaging volume which serves as a brilliant introduction to the subject.” Peter A.

“There's plenty of pictures and diagrams, the language is clear and easy to understand. Would be super for someone in secondary school wondering if they want to do psychology or not and what it involves.” Ms. P. Heenan.

“Christian has the knack of making the complex ridiculously simple (in a good way) and the boring incredibly interesting. His writing is both well-informed and very accessible.” Prof Karen Pine.

This book is amazing! As a high-school student who's interested in being a psychologist, this book is very interesting and sort of gives me an idea of what I'd like to specialise in. Gives you a bit of info of the different types of psychologists. As well as being extremely interesting, I find everyone who sees me reading this book wants to know where I got it or wants to borrow it from me after I'm done.. So very interesting for people who aren't looking to work in psychology as well, just as the title suggests.” Gabrielle.

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“The awesome Christian Jarrett wrote a book ... check it out!” [Jason Goldman, blogger and psychologist].

“Just ordered your book. Looking forward to it - heard great things. [Jonah Lehrer, author of Proust Was a Neuroscientist and How We Decide].

“Lonely Planet, the gauntlet is thrown!” [Oliver Burkeman, Guardian columnist].

“Gotta get this book!” [Wray Herbert, author of On Second Thought].

“I'm recommending the Rough Guide to Psychology to Leeds Uni Psych students” [Catriona Morrison, psychology lecturer].

“Certainly one to recommend for A-level Psychology” [Marc Smith, psychology teacher].

“It’s produced beautifully...” [Mo Costandi of Neurophilosophy blog].

“ don’t half cover a lot ...” [Claudia Hammond, presenter of BBC R4’s All in the Mind].

“Great! One of the best psychology writers around [Christian Jarrett] has a book out: The Rough Guide to Psychology,” [Karen Pine, psychologist and author of Sheconomics].

“If [Christian Jarrett’s] new book is as good as his columns for the British Psychological Society, it'll be excellent” [Jessica Chivers, psychology-based coach and author].


by Christian Jarrett.

Shortlisted for the British Psychological Society Book Award 2011 & the Guild of Health Writers Best Book Award 2012.

Over 25,000 copies sold.

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